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Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Tracking events and trends in Israel, Russia and the epicenter
Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
  1. GAZA WAR UPDATE, Day #21: Obama calls Netanyahu to demand “immediate” cease-fire. UN Security Council now demands ceasefire. Kerry angers Israeli, Palestinian & Egyptian leaders. Turkey turns hostile.
    UPDATED AT 10:30PM EASTERN SUNDAY: (Washington, D.C.) — The most dramatic developments of the weekend in the Gaza war were these: President Obama’s call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to demand an “immediate” ceasefire, even though Israeli leaders don’t feel they are yet finished neutralizing the terrorist threat posed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad […]
  2. GAZA WAR UPDATE, Day #17: Is ceasefire at hand, or close? Rocket fire dropping, but terrorist tunnels remain serious threat. Here’s the latest….
    UPDATED: As I write this, the Israeli security cabinet is meeting to consider a seven-day ceasefire proposal by Secretary Kerry, even as Palestinians are rioting in the West Bank and Hamas is calling for a “third intifada.” The big question Israeli leaders are wrestling with is this: Has the IDF destroyed enough of the terrorists’ rockets, […]
  3. Prime Minister Netanyahu, call the nation of Israel to prayer & fasting during this Gaza war. (video & transcript of Fox News interview)
    (Washington, D.C.) — It is time for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call his nation to a special time of prayer, fasting and reading the Bible. This is what all the wise kings of Israel and Judah did in ancient times when facing war and serious threats, and it is time to do so […]
  4. GAZA WAR UPDATE, Day #13: Netanyahu addresses nation. Hamas defies humanitarin truce it asked for. Growing signals of a much longer, more intense IDF operation in Gaza.
    UPDATED AT 2:30pm EASTERN, SUNDAY: (Washington, D.C.) — As Hamas broke a humanitarian true it asked for by firing many more rockets at Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation of Israel on Sunday evening (8pm local time). He also was interviewed on several U.S. news programs. * Hamas defies humanitarian true, fires rockets […]
  5. I’ll be on Fox News on Sunday to discuss epicenter on fire. Gaza War Update, Day #12. ISIS warns Christians in Iraq: “convert or die.”
    (Washington, D.C.) — On Sunday, I am scheduled to be interviewed by anchor Shannon Bream on the Fox News Channel around 1:35pm eastern. We will discuss the latest developments in an epicenter on fire, particularly the Israeli war with Hamas in Gaza. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to touch on the carnage in Syria, the ISIS ultimatum […]
  6. GAZA WAR UPDATE, Day #11: As IDF ground forces advance, one goal is to identify & destroy Hamas tunnels. Here’s the latest. Updated at 11:30am eastern Friday.
    UPDATED AT 11:30am EASTERN, FRIDAY: (Washington, D.C.) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Friday his government’s intention to expand the scope of the IDF ground campaign in Gaza. The top priority is not so much to topple Hamas but to restore calm. To do that, Netanyahu says, one vital thing Israel must do […]
  7. ISRAELI INVASION OF GAZA BEGINS. IDF calls up 18,000 more reservists. Behind-the-scenes details. Here’s the latest. Updated at 8:30pm eastern Thursday.
    UPDATED AT 8:30PM EASTERN THURSDAY: (Washington, D.C.) — It has begun. The Israeli Defense Forces have commenced a massive ground operation in Gaza. Israeli leaders have concluded they need to deal a devastating blow to Hamas, and air strikes aren’t enough. The cabinet authorized the IDF to call up 18,000 more reservists to assist with […]
  8. Is it safe and wise to visit Israel? A few thoughts. (My family & I are still moving forward with our long-planned travel to Israel in August)
    >> In early August, I’ll be speaking on the latest developments in Israel & Mideast at events in Denver, Colorado & Ames, Iowa in August. Please click here to learn more and/or to register to attend. UPDATED: (Washington, D.C.) – With the Hamas war on Israel on-going, I’m being asked by pastors and other Christians whether it’s safe to visit Israel […]
  9. ROCKET WAR UPDATE, DAY #9: Invasion of Gaza seems likely. IDF warns 100,000 Gazans to evacuate their homes, mobilizes 8,000 more reservists.
      (Washington, D.C.) — An Israeli military invasion of the Gaza Strip seems increasingly likely, and imminent. Hamas formally rejected the Egyptian cease-fire proposal. Netanyahu and Egyptian President Sisi have been secretly speaking and coordinating, but so far Hamas is defiantly fighting on. Abbas is also actively engaged in the behind-the-scenes discussions, offering to put […]
  10. Podcast: 1-hour radio show I did on the Hamas-Israel rocket war from a geopolitical & Biblical perspective.
    (Washington, D.C.) — What are the latest developments in the rocket war between Hamas and Israel from a geopolitical perspective? What about from a Biblical perspective? Here are podcasts from three radio shows I’ve done in recent days on the crisis. Hope you find them helpful, and please feel free to share them with others. […]

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