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Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Tracking events and trends in Israel, Russia and the epicenter
Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog
  1. Growth or Implosion? The case for abolishing the toxic tax code & starting over.
    (Washington, D.C.) – As readers of this blog know, I generally write about trends in Israel, the Middle East and Russia. But because I love the United States, I feel compelled to write today about how much trouble we are in economically and one set of changes we urgently need to make. Today is Tax Day, the […]
  2. Report on my meeting with Jordan’s Ambassador to the U.S. this morning. @AmbBouran
    (Washington, D.C.) – This morning I had the honor of meeting with Jordan’s Ambassador to the U.S., Her Excellency Alia Bouran, at the Jordanian Embassy here. She is a lovely and gracious woman, and an experienced diplomat – having previously served in Brussels and London – and I enjoyed our conversation a great deal. With […]
  3. Three Christians killed by former KKK leader in Jewish Community Center shooting rampage in Kansas. Please pray for those grieving.
    (Washington, D.C.) — My heart is broken for the family and friends of those who were brutally murdered in Kansas, and for the Jewish community there, as well. Please join me in praying for them amidst one of the most horrific acts of intended anti-Semitism in the U.S. in recent memory. As it turns out, three Christians, not Jews, were the ones […]
  4. New poll finds 62% don’t trust President Obama to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.
    (Washington, D.C.)  — As the Obama administration continues making a series of missteps in foreign policy, Americans are losing confidence in their Commander in Chief. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to Syria’s use of chemical weapons to the Benghazi situation in Libya and the near-breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Americans do not see the White House and State Department  providing strong, steady, […]
  5. Kerry blames Israel for collapse of peace talks. Ridiculous. This is part of a troubling pattern of this White House alienating America’s friends & appeasing our enemies.
    (Washington, D.C.) — UPDATED: Over the past year of the peace talks, Israel has consistently taken practical, concrete steps to show goodwill, including releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, some of whom were terrorists with blood on their hands. Israel took such measures even though Palestinian terrorists have continued to fire rockets and missiles at innocent Israeli civilians over and over […]
  6. Report on my meeting with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to discuss the Holocaust & the rising Iran nuclear threat.
    (Washington, D.C.) — Yesterday — on the 70th anniversary of the escape from Auschwitz by Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler – I had the opportunity to meet privately with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at his office in the Capitol. I gave him a copy of The Auschwitz Escape and shared with him  some of the […]
  7. “Why Palestinians Should Learn About the Holocaust.” An important op-ed I encourage you to read and share with others.
    (Washington, D.C.) — This excellent column was recently published in the New York Times. It was written by Robert Satloff and Mohammed Dajani Doudi. I commend it to your attention. ————————- Should Palestinian and other Arab schools teach their students about the Holocaust? This is not an academic question. Many Palestinian and Arab political organizations […]
  8. On April 7th, 1944, two men escaped from Auschwitz. 70 years later, novel inspired by real events is a best-seller.
    >> Novel inspired by actual escapes from Auschwitz at #11 on New York Times bestseller list (Washington, D.C.) — Seventy years ago today, two men pulled off the greatest escape in human history — from a Nazi death camp in southern Poland. Most of the world doesn’t know their names, but we should. Rudolf Vrba […]
  9. Responding to Iran: Americans are not fooled by Khamenei’s lies. But what troubles us most is President Obama’s feckless policy towards Iran. He is presiding over the systemic collapse of American credibility around the globe.
    (New York City, New York) — An Iranian official this week attacked an op-ed I recently wrote with Senator Santorum for as “ludicrous, counterproductive and unfortunate.” You can read our original op-ed here, and the Iranian official’s op-ed here. Here is Senator Santorum’s and my response: The American people are not fooled by the lies […]
  10. Iranian official attacks oped I wrote with Senator Santorum as “ludicrous, counterproductive and unfortunate.”
    (New York City, New York) — A new poll finds that 80% of Americans fear a “Second Holocaust” — the complete annihilation of Israel and her six million Jews — if the world allows Iran to build nuclear warheads. What’s more, 68% of Americans fear a “nuclear holocaust” inside the United States if Iran builds The […]

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